UV Printed Name Badges in South Africa

15 Apr 2024

UV Printed Name Badges in South Africa

In the bustling corridors of businesses a new trend is taking shape, enhancing personal identification in innovative ways. UV name badges are becoming increasingly popular. Printed directly onto the substrate, enables us to offer a full colour, high quality name badge.

Enhancing Professionalism with UV Printed Name Badges

In today’s fast-paced business environment, maintaining a professional workplace is more crucial than ever. Across South Africa, organizations from various sectors are recognizing the importance of this aspect and are increasingly turning to name badges as a simple yet effective solution. Name badges facilitate smoother interactions and make networking a lot easier.

Importance of UV Printed Name Badges in Professional Settings

Name badges serve as a key component in establishing a professional atmosphere within workplaces, events, and meetings. They are not just tools for identification; they are also instruments of branding and security. In South Africa, where diverse and expansive business environments are common, name badges help in bridging the communication gap between employees, clients, and visitors.

Benefits of Using UV Printed Name Badges

  • Professionalism: Name badges instantly elevate the professional appearance of an organization. They ensure that employees are easily recognizable and approachable, which is especially important in customer-facing roles.
  • Accountability: When employees wear name badges, it promotes a sense of accountability and transparency within the organization. It’s easier to remember interactions, which is beneficial for both management and clientele.
  • Security: In sectors where security is paramount, name badges are critical. They help in quickly identifying whether individuals belong in certain restricted or sensitive areas.
  • Networking: During conferences or meetings, particularly those involving many participants, name badges are invaluable for networking. They remove the awkwardness of forgotten names and foster a friendly environment.

Application Across Various Industries

The use of name badges is prevalent across multiple industries in South Africa:

  • Corporate Businesses: Corporations use name badges to maintain a professional demeanor among employees while also securing their premises.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics utilize name badges to clearly identify staff members, which is crucial for patient safety and trust.
  • Education: Educational institutions implement name badges for teachers and students to foster a safe and inclusive community.
  • Hospitality: Hotels and restaurants rely on name badges to enhance customer service by personally addressing guests and ensuring that the staff is easily identifiable.

Choosing the Right Name Badges

Selecting the appropriate name badges for your organization involves several considerations:

  • Material and Durability: Our UV printed name badges are durable and suitable for daily wear.
  • Design and Branding: Our UV printed name badges will reflect the organization’s branding, as you have the option of including your company logo, and the specific colours, and fonts that align with your company’s identity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While it’s important to invest in quality, name badges should also be cost-effective, which our UV printed name badges are.

Implementing Name Badges into your Organization

Implementing name badges into your organization is straightforward. Begin by assessing your specific needs and the message you wish to convey through your badges. Partner with us NameBadgeSA as your reputable supplier. Providing you with high-quality, customizable options that fit your budget. Lastly, ensure that the implementation of name badges is accompanied by clear guidelines on how they should be worn and maintained.


Name badges are more than just pieces of identification; they are tools that enhance the functionality and image of an organization. In South Africa, with its diverse and dynamic business landscape, name badges play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations, secure environments, and professional service delivery. As such, they are an essential investment for any organization looking to improve its professionalism and security.

Here are some of our UV Printed Name badge favourites:



Why Are Name Badges So Important?

29 May 2018

Companies all share a similar goal, to grow and to be come more successful. With growth comes an increase in staff, new departments, offices and branches. Name badges offer a sophisticated, organised way to present and maintain the success of an expanding company. Providing an easy way for customers to understand your business the minute they walk through the door. We at NameBadgeSA strive to move with your growing company, and offer you the service of “naming” the most important aspects of your company. Name badges enable clients to feel instantly more comfortable, by knowing your staffs’ name when they greet them, or being aware of who they are being addressed by when they see “manager” walking towards them in a restaurant.

Another reason why name badges are so important is for building your company recognition. Corporate branding is on the rise, and by adding your business or organization logo to the badge every employee or volunteer will be easily identified. Name badges are a great form of advertising for your company when they are worn outside of the work place, whether it is when they pop out during work hours or are on their commute back home.

We currently manufacture two main types of name badges. A full colour domed badge – this is a full colour sticker that is then domed with a resin which is then stuck onto a backing. The domed resin gives the badge a professional look and feel as well as protecting it from scratches and general wearing that comes with age. Then there is the two colour laser engraved badge – these are a cheaper option than the above.  We have many different colours to choose from and can try source other options that you may be looking for if we don’t have it already. We can then either attach a magnet or pin to the back of the badge.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information or to receive a quotation.

Personalised Conference Name Badges / Name Tags

14 Apr 2015

Are you arranging a conference soon and would you like to source a Name Badge / Name Tag solution to identify your delegates and conference staff?

We have a range of different customised solutions for you:

1 (a). Personalised and custom printed and domed name badges with magnet or clip (Maximum Size – 75mm x 35mm). This is our premium option and is ideal if you want to give your delegates an extremely professional Name Badge. It is possible to include a small photo and/or logo on the biggest size badge.

1 (b). If you hold annual/regular events/conferences and the branding details on the badge are likely to stay the same, a great alternative here would be to go with our Reusable Badge range. The investment in the badges is therefore a once-off cost and you can simply print the inserts for the names each year (space for a maximum of two lines of custom details on the inserts)

2. Personalised and custom laser engraved badges, also with a magnet or clip (Maximum Size – 75mm x 35mm). Although the badge is not finished with a resin dome like the first option above, this is still a great option to add a touch of class to your event. We have a range of colour combinations to choose from (e.g. Black text on Brushed Silver Background).

3. Lanyard and Pouch with personalised and custom printed inserts (Maximum Size 90mm x 50mm – Business Cards). For this option we can do some/all of the personalisation and customisation for you. We can supply a wide variety of plain or printed lanyards and can print the inserts with your branding and delegate details, or you can have your guests/delegates simply insert a business card into the pouch. We can include a range of delegate details on the printed insert, including a photo, QR code, Logo and/or bar code. Please keep in mind that custom printed lanyards can take up to two weeks to manufacture.

4. Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, we stock and sell a basic plastic conference holder (fits a business card size insert). It has a combination clip and pin at the back. You can either write the delegate/guest details by hand on the insert provided, ask guests to insert their business cards, or ask us to print personalised and custom inserts.

Should you need any more information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.