Why Are Name Badges So Important?

29 May 2018

Companies all share a similar goal, to grow and to be come more successful. With growth comes an increase in staff, new departments, offices and branches. Name badges offer a sophisticated, organised way to present and maintain the success of an expanding company. Providing an easy way for customers to understand your business the minute they walk through the door. We at NameBadgeSA strive to move with your growing company, and offer you the service of “naming” the most important aspects of your company. Name badges enable clients to feel instantly more comfortable, by knowing your staffs’ name when they greet them, or being aware of who they are being addressed by when they see “manager” walking towards them in a restaurant.

Another reason why name badges are so important is for building your company recognition. Corporate branding is on the rise, and by adding your business or organization logo to the badge every employee or volunteer will be easily identified. Name badges are a great form of advertising for your company when they are worn outside of the work place, whether it is when they pop out during work hours or are on their commute back home.

We currently manufacture two main types of name badges. A full colour domed badge – this is a full colour sticker that is then domed with a resin which is then stuck onto a backing. The domed resin gives the badge a professional look and feel as well as protecting it from scratches and general wearing that comes with age. Then there is the two colour laser engraved badge – these are a cheaper option than the above.  We have many different colours to choose from and can try source other options that you may be looking for if we don’t have it already. We can then either attach a magnet or pin to the back of the badge.

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