Custom Engraved Signs

09 Apr 2018

Do you know that we offer engraved signs, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. It is always reassuring to walk into a building and be very aware of where you are, and this reassurity is created by providing signs and clear indications.

We offer many different types of engraved signs:  name plaques, “enters” and “exits”, floor numbers, toilet signs, as well as personalized signs to work with your specific requirements. The possibilities are endless.

We use only the best materials and that is why we use Trotec, we currently use their Trolase range which includes standard and metallic colours. The Trolase material is a UV resistant acrylic based laminate that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This material has two layers, the top thin layer is engraved away with very high precision to leave a perfectly precise result and cut to the size you need. The metallic range is a great cost effective alternative to engraved metal signs and they will last just as long. We also have a range of single coloured signage material where we can laser cut out what is needed. You can view more info about their product on this link.

Trolase’s superior composition means that there is less residue on the material which reduces the need for it to be cleaned. We have a variety of different colours at the moment including gold, silver, white, black, yellow, pink and many more. We can either apply double sided tape or cut small holes in the corners for it to be fastened on to the wall.

For more info and pricing on these custom engraved signs, please contact us with more details on what you require including the size and quantity. We will then take a look at your requirements, offer you assistance and send you a quote to fit your order. We can also show you samples on request.