Types of Name Badges

24 Mar 2015

We currently manufacture two different types of Name Badges – Two Colour Engraved Badges and Full Colour Printed and Domed Badges.  We are often asked what the difference is between the two and which would be the most suitable.

The Full Colour Printed and Domed Badge is our premium badge range (see image above). Your artwork is printed in full colour using a Roland Printer.   Provided any logos/images you provide are in high resolution, the quality of the printing is exceptions.  We are able to print your artwork in full bleed (i.e. edge to edge). Colour matching is also possible if you provide us with the CMYK details for each colour.  We add a resin dome to each name badge, which protects it from scratches and gives the badge a professional finish.

Engraved Badges

Two Colour Engraved Badges are manufactured using our Laser Engraver. We engrave into an engraveable laminate which consists of two colours – a background (often brushed silver or gold) and foreground colour (e.g. Black). It is NOT possible to manufacture an engraved badge with two foreground colours and a background.  We have a very wide range of colours available, but for engraved badges, cannot unfortunately match colours. If this is a requirement you will need to select a badge from the printed range.  The following colour combinations are currently available, but we can also source others on request. The larger section designates the background colour and the small strip on the right the foreground (i.e. colour of text and image).