Name Badge attachment options

07 Apr 2015

We are often asked which attachment options we recommend.  Unfortunately there is not a uniform answer for this and a lot depends on the size/shape of the badge, the environment and the person wearing the badge.

We have three different attachment options. The first one is a magnet. They come in two different sizes and we have chosen to go for a black plastic coated magnet – for both aesthetic and comfort reasons. A magnet is quick and easy to attach, and sits flat and square on the material. The only downside is that staff sometimes lose the backing magnet. If this does happen, we stock replacement magnets at a nominal cost. Please keep in mind that a magnet is not suitable for use by somebody with a pacemaker.

The second option is a pin. This is a little harder to put on, but is integrated into the actual Name Badge – i.e. it is not possible to lose the pin. This is a big plus if you have some forgetful people in your team.


Lastly, we have the Pin and Clutch/Stud. This is ideally suited for very small square or round badges and lapel pins, where our smallest magnet or pin just wouldn’t fit. The diameter is just under 10mm. As with a magnet, it is possible to lose the Clutch/Stud when not wearing it, but we similarly keep replacement stock at a nominal cost.