Reusable Name Badges

03 Mar 2015

Our clients in various sectors of the service industry are often faced with a bit of a conundrum.  They understand the benefits of having their employees wear Name Badges, but have a high staff turnover rate and thus find it difficult to justify the expense.

These clients include businesses in the food & beverage sector (e.g. restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets), petrol stations and retail outlets.

The good news is that we have developed a unique solution to address this.  We now have our own range of reusable name badges.  These are unlike any of the cheap and nasty versions currently in the market place.  They badge incorporates a nickel plated metal centre, which gives it strength and durability.

We are able to offer a full colour print on the front, which means that you can incorporate all of your brand elements.  The replaceable name badge is then finished with a resin dome, which adds a layer of protection against scratches and gives the badge a professional finish.  Most customers choose to have a magnet at the back, but if you prefer, we can mount with a pin (magnets are not suitable if the person wearing the Name Badge has a pacemaker).

The badge is 75mm x 35mm and we currently offer two options – one with the branding on the top of the badge and the window for the printed name insert below and the other with the branding at the bottom and the printed name insert above.

On the side of the badge is a slot, where you can insert the printed name strip of your current/new employee.  We provide you with perforated A4 sheets and a MS Word template, making it quick and easy to print out the names required.  A plastic insert is provided with each badge and slides on top of the printed name strip to give your new badge a truely professional finish.

We will soon be adding the reusable badge to our online shop, but if you want to order reusable name badges in the interim, please feel free to send us the details (artwork / names / details etc) per email –  We will then draw up a proof  and provide you with a quote, which is based on the number of badges required.

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