Are Button Badges The Right Choice For Your Business?

12 Oct 2018

Button Badges are something quite new we’re offering here at NameBadgeSA, you might not have even known it was an option for your business! Button badges are round in shape and can be attached to an employees collar or shirt much like a regular name badge. They’re a cost effective option too, often cheaper than your traditional badge, and can be manufactured very quickly. Find out how much button badges would cost for your business and how quickly we’d have them to you here.

Because they come in a variety of sizes, they’re suitable for a number of different business settings. Here are a few examples of businesses using button badges.


Let’s be real…everyone loves free stuff! If you’ve got a new marketing campaign or are simply trying to get your businesses name out there, handing out button badges as a promotional activity is a great option. You can direct customers to your social profile, website or to a competition through cleverly thought out button badges. Need some ideas? We can help!


Political parties, particularly abroad, love handing out button badges to voters at polling stations and while campaigning. We’re sure you remember the “Im With Her” badges that became commonplace on pro-Democrat voters during the 2016 US Election Campaign. Political parties can grow their movement and create a sense of unity among their supporters with something as small as a button badge.

button badges

Hospitals, blood drive centres and other medical institutions can use button badges as a way to not only thank their patients but create awareness as well by getting medical personnel to wear them too. Examples are button badges for blood donors, for people who sign up for organ donation or for kids visiting the doctor or dentist to promote positive associations.

button badges


Hotels and resorts can use button badges as an alternative to name badges, including a quirky slogan such as, “I’m Jenny. Here to help!”


Much like the hospitality industry, retail stores can also replace traditional badges with button badges. Many stores now have a brand-relevant slogan included on the badges such as, “Need help? Ask me!” or something along those lines to encourage good customer service.

button badges

As mentioned in the first point, button badges can be used by retailers as giveaways to promote new products, competitions or special deals. In fact, button badges can even be attached to products to highlight a sale or new item.

button badges

Retailers can also use button badges as a means of linking customers to their social media channels by including their page handles on the design.

Promoting a CSI initiative through button badges is also a great way to build trust with customers as well as a good reputation. These can be handed out at the store doors or at the till point with purchases.

button badges
Think button badges are the way to go for your business? Excellent! Get in touch with us for a quote by mailing your requirements to


Affordable Name Badges for Conferences and Events

10 Sep 2018

Think back to the last conference or workshop you attended. That shiny, fancy name badge you got at the registration table? What did you do with it? We’re pretty sure your answer was, ‘tossed it.’ With many of us trying to “declutter” it’s understandable, you can’t very well collect a drawer full of name badges if you attend events regularly. So, what is the solution?

Affordable name badges for conferences and workshops 

Name badges for conferences and events are for one-off use so it’s really not worth spending a fortune on fancy name badges that someone is just going to throw away afterwards (or lose in a desk drawer). That doesn’t mean they can’t still look neat and professional.

We sell plastic clip and/or pin ID tags in sets of 50. The higher the quantity, the lower the price. You can choose to order blank tags and have attendees write their own names on the cards. Or you can order custom, branded inserts from us with your tags. Another fun option would be to have everyone slip their business card in their tag as their form of identification.

How to order custom name badges 

If you choose to order ID tags with custom inserts, ordering is simple. All you need to do is provide us with the artwork for the insert template and an excel list of the variable data (e.g. Name / Designation etc). We will then use our software and equipment to print and perfectly trim each unique insert. If you don’t yet have a design, send us your logo/branding and one of our designers can create something for you at no additional cost. The inserts are printed in full colour at high quality on a matt or gloss 300gsm board and are 90mm x 50mm.

What to do with them after the conference 

Have a box at the exit for attendees to leave the plastic ID tags in. You can either use them for your next conference or recycle them. Your attendees will appreciate your efforts to minimise single-use plastics.

Need a quote? Visit our FAQs or contact us for more information – we’re always happy to help!

Why Are Name Badges So Important?

29 May 2018

Companies all share a similar goal, to grow and to be come more successful. With growth comes an increase in staff, new departments, offices and branches. Name badges offer a sophisticated, organised way to present and maintain the success of an expanding company. Providing an easy way for customers to understand your business the minute they walk through the door. We at NameBadgeSA strive to move with your growing company, and offer you the service of “naming” the most important aspects of your company. Name badges enable clients to feel instantly more comfortable, by knowing your staffs’ name when they greet them, or being aware of who they are being addressed by when they see “manager” walking towards them in a restaurant.

Another reason why name badges are so important is for building your company recognition. Corporate branding is on the rise, and by adding your business or organization logo to the badge every employee or volunteer will be easily identified. Name badges are a great form of advertising for your company when they are worn outside of the work place, whether it is when they pop out during work hours or are on their commute back home.

We currently manufacture two main types of name badges. A full colour domed badge – this is a full colour sticker that is then domed with a resin which is then stuck onto a backing. The domed resin gives the badge a professional look and feel as well as protecting it from scratches and general wearing that comes with age. Then there is the two colour laser engraved badge – these are a cheaper option than the above.  We have many different colours to choose from and can try source other options that you may be looking for if we don’t have it already. We can then either attach a magnet or pin to the back of the badge.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information or to receive a quotation.

Custom Engraved Signs

09 Apr 2018

Do you know that we offer engraved signs, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. It is always reassuring to walk into a building and be very aware of where you are, and this reassurity is created by providing signs and clear indications.

We offer many different types of engraved signs:  name plaques, “enters” and “exits”, floor numbers, toilet signs, as well as personalized signs to work with your specific requirements. The possibilities are endless.

We use only the best materials and that is why we use Trotec, we currently use their Trolase range which includes standard and metallic colours. The Trolase material is a UV resistant acrylic based laminate that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This material has two layers, the top thin layer is engraved away with very high precision to leave a perfectly precise result and cut to the size you need. The metallic range is a great cost effective alternative to engraved metal signs and they will last just as long. We also have a range of single coloured signage material where we can laser cut out what is needed. You can view more info about their product on this link.

Trolase’s superior composition means that there is less residue on the material which reduces the need for it to be cleaned. We have a variety of different colours at the moment including gold, silver, white, black, yellow, pink and many more. We can either apply double sided tape or cut small holes in the corners for it to be fastened on to the wall.

For more info and pricing on these custom engraved signs, please contact us with more details on what you require including the size and quantity. We will then take a look at your requirements, offer you assistance and send you a quote to fit your order. We can also show you samples on request.

The 5 F's of World Class Customer Service

13 Mar 2018

If you have subscribed to our feeds or are browsing this site, then you are probably in the service industry. This short article gives a very short overview of how we have interpreted the 5 F’s of Customer Service in an effort to deliver world class customer service.

Fast – this one is fairly self explanatory to most people. As a customer in a world which is increasingly dominated by digital interactions and the need for instant gratification, everything you do needs to be at a the fastest pace possible – although this pace must be sustainable. It is no longer acceptable for a request for quotation to take days, or for you to wait for more than five minutes to be served in a retail environment. This culture needs to be adopted throughout the organisation and needs to permeate through to every customer interaction

Friendly – unless it is a grudge purchase, shopping is generally perceived to be a happy experience – one that brings joy. It therefore goes without saying that you then need to do everything in your power to ensure that the customer-facing members of your team have a friendly disposition and a smile on their faces at all times. Some people are cut out for this and some are not.

Focused – this one is a bit more challenging as we are often required to multi-task and have almost constant distractions/interruptions from our digital devices. It is critical however that you impress upon your team the need to switch off from whatever else they are doing and focus entirely on the customer at hand. This may mean that some of their other tasks slip slightly backwards and you have to let them know that this is in order. I am sure you have come across people, be it a friend, colleague or somebody serving you, who has only been listening to you with one ear and clearly has not absorbed and/or understood what you are saying. In a service environment this is fatal.

Flexible – as with most of these, the guidelines are not absolute. Perhaps the polar opposite of this is a typical government institution, where staff are often disinterested, unmotivated and severely hampered by red tape. Think about the last time you had an interaction in this environment and how you felt when the person serving you was absolutely inflexible, to the point of being ridiculous. If accommodating a customer request won’t cause you harm (financial or otherwise), but may require a little extra effort, then by all means go that extra mile. You may not make as much margin from the sale, but you will have probably converted a customer into a brand advocate.

Fun – we have now come full circle. As you may recall, I mentioned above that shopping is generally a happy experience. You clearly need to maintain a professional approach at all times, but you also have a responsibility to be proactive in ensuring that the entire shopping journey is a positive experience. To this end, look for ways to delight your customers and where appropriate, have a bit of fun in the process.

The summary above is extremely brief and is merely meant to be an overview of the 5 F’s in customer service. To truly understand this topic, you need to take them and apply them to your particular business. The next step is to then have regular training with your staff and be sure to include role play – this is one of the best forms of learning and yes, it will also make the whole experience loads of fun!

Remember that wearing a Name Badge definitely facilitates almost all of the above. For more reasons on why you and your team should wear a Name Badge, have a look at this post on 22 Reasons to Wear a Name Badge.

Custom Vinyl Stickers and Labels

08 Mar 2018

We have recently launched our sister site – On this site you can order custom stickers, labels and decals at excellent prices. We are also able to assist with custom domed stickers, ideal for branding purposes.

The order process is very simple. You can either upload your own sticker design, use one of our growing range of templates for inspiration or use the design wizard on the website to create a sticker, label or template from scratch.

As usual, if you need any assistance during the order process, you can either use the live chat button during working hours (we respond within seconds), or contact us for help.

Conference Name Tags

08 Jan 2018

Are you planning a conference soon and looking for a professional, quick and cost effective way of printing Name Tags for your delegates?

We have a great solution for you – in fact we have two. If your conference or training event is informal or you have completely run out of time to order a custom solution, we can ship you plastic name tags with blank inserts. You can then simply write the delegates name on the insert, or stick a label onto the card (provided) and insert.

Our conference Name Tags come in packs of 50. Pricing is dependent on the quantity required. Please contact us for a quotation.

If you are looking for a more professional and custom solution, we can do a full colour print with your branding and each delegates details (including photograph – if you have available). These cards (90mm x 50mm) can then simply be inserted into the plastic conference tag and used immediately.

The tag has a pin and a clip at the back, as your delegates may prefer one or the other. It is also then possible to recycle/reuse the plastic name tags, by simply putting a box and a sign at the exit point. Most delegates discard their Name Tags in any event, so find it useful to have a drop off point at the actual venue.

For this solution, all we need from you is the artwork for the master file and then the variable details (delegates name, designation, company etc) in an excel spreadsheet so that we can merge with the master when we print.

We also offer a free layout service and you then simply need to provide us with a high resolution logo and any other corporate identity guidelines you may have.

Our turnaround time for custom conference Name Tags is 2-4 working days from sign off of the proof and receipt of your proof of payment. Contact Us now for a quote.

Button Badges

18 Aug 2017

We have some exciting news! Due to a growing number of queries from existing customers, we are now able to offer you button badges at great prices and very quick turnaround times.

Button Badges are perfectly suited for the retail environment and are a great way to communicate non-verbally with your in-store customers. They can be used for conveying useful information, promoting new products and services or highlighting items on sale.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way of increasing the value of your cart in your retail environment, or of getting a particular message across about a new product or service, then Button Badges are definitely something you should consider.

We will be adding them to our site shortly, so you can easily order online. In the interim, please send an email to for any orders or enquiries.

You may be interested to know that we will do a free digital proof for your Name Badges and for large orders can also send you a free physical sample before proceeding with the production of your Button Badge order.

We currently offer 4 different sizes of Button Badges. Prices are volume based and listed below for your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Button Badge Pricing

Be Creative – Shaped Name Badges

23 Jun 2015

We are often asked to manufacture custom shaped Name Badges.

As we have access to a laser engraver, we are pretty much able to make any size/shape that you require. If the shaped badge has a smooth outline then we would recommend full colour printing with a domed finish.

If your design/badge features sharp corners/borders, then our two-colour laser engraved range would be the most suitable.

We encourage you to let your creativity flow and come up with your own unique name badge which will be both eye-catching and professional.

Our pricing is based on the number of badges ordered and the size of your badge. For a quote, please feel free to call us or contact us.

Personalised Conference Name Badges / Name Tags

14 Apr 2015

Are you arranging a conference soon and would you like to source a Name Badge / Name Tag solution to identify your delegates and conference staff?

We have a range of different customised solutions for you:

1 (a). Personalised and custom printed and domed name badges with magnet or clip (Maximum Size – 75mm x 35mm). This is our premium option and is ideal if you want to give your delegates an extremely professional Name Badge. It is possible to include a small photo and/or logo on the biggest size badge.

1 (b). If you hold annual/regular events/conferences and the branding details on the badge are likely to stay the same, a great alternative here would be to go with our Reusable Badge range. The investment in the badges is therefore a once-off cost and you can simply print the inserts for the names each year (space for a maximum of two lines of custom details on the inserts)

2. Personalised and custom laser engraved badges, also with a magnet or clip (Maximum Size – 75mm x 35mm). Although the badge is not finished with a resin dome like the first option above, this is still a great option to add a touch of class to your event. We have a range of colour combinations to choose from (e.g. Black text on Brushed Silver Background).

3. Lanyard and Pouch with personalised and custom printed inserts (Maximum Size 90mm x 50mm – Business Cards). For this option we can do some/all of the personalisation and customisation for you. We can supply a wide variety of plain or printed lanyards and can print the inserts with your branding and delegate details, or you can have your guests/delegates simply insert a business card into the pouch. We can include a range of delegate details on the printed insert, including a photo, QR code, Logo and/or bar code. Please keep in mind that custom printed lanyards can take up to two weeks to manufacture.

4. Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, we stock and sell a basic plastic conference holder (fits a business card size insert). It has a combination clip and pin at the back. You can either write the delegate/guest details by hand on the insert provided, ask guests to insert their business cards, or ask us to print personalised and custom inserts.

Should you need any more information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.